Stunning Waterfalls

The countless waterfalls of Yosemite give the park life and movement.

Yosemite Falls, possibly the most well known, is located in the valley and separated into three separate falls: Upper Yosemite Fall, the middle cascades and Lower Yosemite Fall.

On the south side of the valley, Sentinel Falls features numerous cascades tumbling from 15 to 150 metres. Meanwhile, the unique Horsetail Fall flows over the east side of El Capitan and appears to be on fire when the sunset's orange glow reflects off it in February. 

Wapama Falls, located in remote Hetch Hetchy Valley, is a beautifully roaring waterfall where, in some years, the water actually flows over the footbridge at the base. No matter where your Yosemite tour takes you, you're sure to set sights on stunning falls that will take your breath away.