Mammoth Hot Springs


Hot Springs State Park

The Hot Springs State Park is Wyoming’s most popular state park and is visited by thousands of tourists all year round, not to mention Wyoming’s central bison herd. During the late fall and winter months, the park bison are fed daily to insure their good health. Feeding occurs at 08:30 and gives visitors the opportunity to see these large, iconic mammals up close from the comfort of your vehicle.

Visit the park’s biggest attraction, one of the world’s largest mineral hot springs for its healing waters. The natural mineral springs attracted dinosaurs, Native American tribes and western settlers and now visitors to Wyoming can visit the State Bath House free of charge. Trails wind around the park, allowing you to photograph the unique rock formations; formed by the mineral waters and gives you the chance to relax in the famous flower gardens dotted around the park. For a thrill, walk above the Big Horn River on a swinging suspension bridge for views of the colourful Rainbow Terraces. Once you’ve had a stroll, you’ll be craving the 104-degree indoor mineral waters at the State Bath House, or a soak in the two outdoor pools.