• Halong Bay


Halong Bay Vietnam

One Of Vietnam's Most Iconic Bays

Little can prepare you for the iconic sight of Halong Bay, with its thousands of limestone karsts and islands rising dramatically from the blue-green sea.

Halong translates literally as 'where the dragon descends into the sea' and legend has it that Halong's seascape was indeed formed when a mountain dragon charged toward the waters. Halong Bay is perhaps Vietnam’s most beautiful yet haunting and according to more legend, the karsts were formed from jewels brought by protective dragons, creating obstacles to keep out invaders.

 The bay was given the World Heritage Site stamp of approval in the 1990's and its ethereal beauty won't leave you wondering why. The sprawling Halong city doesn't do the bay itself any justice: be sure to venture deeper to truly learn the beautiful history of this spot.