• Reunification Palace


Fascinating Cities and History

Beyond the rice and paddy fields, you'll find fascinating cities in Vietnam that are bursting with history, culture and heritage.

Feel the French influence in Hanoi's old quarter, adding an international flair to the charm of this destination and delight in everything from the architecture to the delicious food. Or, enjoy a cycle ride and let the rich heritage enchant you in the ancient imperial city of Hue.

If you're visiting picturesque Hoi An, stroll along cobbled streets past tailors and shop houses and be charmed by the city's grace and old town atmosphere.

Despite its troubled history, Vietnam's resilient people are friendly souls, likely to share with you real life tales and traditions. Experience the Cu Chi Tunnels, legendary during the 1960's when nationalist guerrillas fought against the Americans, or experience the crowded markets and designer shopping malls of Ho Chi Minh City. Be sure to also take time out to visit the War Remnants Museum, an incredibly moving testament to the region's tormented past.

Going back to ancient times, Vietnam is scattered with Khmer and Cham ruins, royal palaces, tombs and pagodas and its cities really do hold the key to this fascinating Far East history.