Grouse Mountain

The peak of Vancouver

For the best views over the city, head to Grouse Mountain, where natural beauty lies in abundance, just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

The magnificent wilderness here makes British Columbia the envy of the rest of Canada, as wildlife and amazing landscapes flourish on the ‘Peak of Vancouver’, and a trip to the top is sure to be a memorable and truly rewarding experience.

You'll find sport-loving locals here lapping up the scenery as they ski, hike, bike and zipline through the trees; why not join them? Catch the Skyride gondola up 1,100 metres to gaze at the sun glinting off the city’s skyscrapers and the Pacific Ocean beyond and, of course, to join in with those exhilarating mountain activities.

Countless nature trails meandering under the pines let you explore the mountain on foot or bike, leading you past the intricately carved wooden sculptures by Glenn Greensides that nestle in the trees. Plus, for nature lovers, the mountain is home to the Grouse Mountain Refuge for Endangered Wildlife: a wilderness sanctuary where Grinder and Coola, Vancouver's famous grizzly bears, reside. 

No matter what you do while visiting, Grouse Mountain is sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. 

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Destination Specialist

"Make sure you visit the famous grizzly bears Coola and Grinder."