The Sonoran Desert

Red coloured landscape and prickly Saguaro cacti

Stretching across Arizona, California and across the border to Mexico, the Sonoran Desert is a contrast of prickly Saguaro cacti, red-coloured landscapes, craggy mountains and forests that cover around 100,000 square miles.

The misconception with deserts is that there is not a living thing in sight, well that is not true. Here you will find bobcats, coyotes and antelope running wild in the plains and although the majority of the time this desert is very dry and very hot, more rain falls in the Sonoran Desert than any other. Devils claw, ghost flower, hedgehog cactus and cave primrose are just some of the interesting plant names you can find here and a fascinating fact about the Saguaro cactus is its shallow root system that allows it to store up to 160 litres of rainwater; allowing it to live for weeks at a time without water.

Visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; featuring botanical gardens, a zoo and natural history sights to learn more about the plant and animal life in the region. The best way to see Sonoran's natural beauty is by foot where you can explore one of the hiking trails, or why not embark on an off-road desert tour in a Jeep for a thrilling adventure.