Natural Wonders and Wildlife

The wildlife in the USA is rich and varied, with a vast array of wild animal species spanning chattering forests, sweeping coasts and stunning mountain peaks. Many animals are found around the USA's 58 national parks but there are many living outside too. See brown bears in the rivers of Alaska, elephant seals along the coast of California, bisons on the plains of Montana and alligators and crocodiles in the swamps of Florida. Plus, America's biggest cat, the mountain lion, prowls out west in the expansive state of Texas.

As for natural landscapes, the USA shares borders with Canada and Mexico, and has coasts situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. From vastly different coasts to dramatic mountain peaks, dense forests to sprawling deserts, the landscape of the USA is stunningly diverse.

Possibly the most famous natural wonder is Arizona’s Grand Canyon, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Colorado Rockies are also filled with jaw-droppingly beautiful alpine slopes, pristine lakes and impressive wildlife. Meanwhile, Old Faithful, a predictable cone geyser that erupts every 91 minutes, is located in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, shooting boiling water up to 56 metres high. Or, visit Washington's Olympic National Forest where you will find steel-grey beaches, glacier-capped peaks and misty rain forests.