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The Deep South is characterised by its passion for Cajun and Creole food, a wealth of genre-defining musicians in jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and soul, and its undeniably charm and genteel hospitality. Widespread are the grand antebellum mansions and vast plantations, embedded with a fascinating but sobering past.

As part of our nine-day self-drive Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure, you’ll immerse yourself in the splendour of the famed Oak Alley Plantation and its spellbinding entrance lined with 240 metres of southern live oak. Admire spectacular 19th century Greek revival architecture and delve deep into over 200 years of Civil War history. Celebrate the lives and memories of slave labourers such as Antoine who, after years of grafting, was known for skilfully propagating the original, award-winning Centennial pecans. Referred to as ‘paper-shell pecans’, this variety was rare in that the shell can be broken by hand. Explore Mississippi’s Longwood – the largest octagonal house in the US – and learn of the origins of Clementine Hunter, once a cook at the Melrose Plantation in Natchez, she went on to become a globally-celebrated African-American folk artist.

Visit the humbling Whitney Plantation Museum in Wallace for further insight into the trials and tribulations of Louisiana’s slave population. Discover the harrowing stories and invaluable contributions of plantation workers from their perspective, and gain a deeper understanding of a tumultuous era of American history. 

14 days Grand Ole Opry

Rhythms of the South Self Drive

Guide Price  £2,599  pp  

The southern United States is the birthplace of many different genres of music from country, jazz, blues to rock 'n' roll. On this 14 day self drive adventure you will hit the open road and drive across these southern states...

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Rhythms of the South Self Drive
9 days Oak Alley Plantation

Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure

Guide Price  £1,999  pp  

The plantations of the deep south USA are a reminder of a world that used to be. Stunning in appearance and standing grand overlooking beautiful surroundings these antebellum homes are rich in American history and what became the Civil Rights...

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Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure
7 days Creole Queen

Romantic Trails Of The South Tour

Guide Price  £1,899  pp  

This escorted tour is the ultimate way to see the best of the Deep South in just one week. From New Orleans to Atlanta, this tour will take you through some of the most atmospheric locations across four States including...

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Romantic Trails Of The South Tour

Expert Tips


Destination Manager

“Enjoy live music at one of New Orleans’ many jazz bars and indulge in a Brandy Milk Punch or Sazerac cocktail.”


Destination Executive

“Louisiana is renowned for its Cajun and Creole cuisine. Tuck into mouth-watering po’ boy sandwiches (a hearty sub filled with fried shrimp, crawfish, oysters or roast beef) and jambalaya (andouille sausage, shrimp or chicken over chillies, onions, garlic and Creole-spiced rice).”


Senior Destination Manager

“Art connoisseurs will revel in the vibrant exhibitions of the NOMA – celebrating New Orleans’ finest French and American fine art – as well as the hand-crafted pottery and lacquerware of Newcombe Art Museum.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Temperatures here will be significantly cooler during February and May. With the addition of Mardi Gras being in full swing from early March, you’ll also get to enjoy the festivities and join in a vibrant display of parties and parades. Between June and September the temperatures in New Orleans can rise to uncomfortable levels but September to November is autumnal and pleasant.  If you’re after a more peaceful visit, it’s recommended you arrive between December and January to avoid the festival.

Though relatively warm throughout the year, Mississippi enjoys average highs of around 31°C from June through until late September, while the winter months are much milder. With highs of 16°C between November and February, visitors may find this preferable to the long, hot summers.

Free of charge, the Downtown Trolley is a charming and scenic way of getting around the capital, stopping at all of the city’s major attractions. Also available is the Capital Area Transit System (CATS). For $4 you will be given an all-day pass, allowing you to explore the city at your leisure. 

Embarking on a tour of the plantation houses in the Deep South offers you an insight into a definitive era in American history. Discover what life was like for both sugar plantation owners and the workers who helped build these historic sites into the majestic mansions we see today. These tours are designed to educate visitors on the hardships that slaves faced, while also appreciating the remarkable and varied heritages of the families living here during the Civil War era.