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There is something about the beautiful antebellum mansions of the Deep South that evokes images of Scarlet O’Hara style hooped skirts and sipping mint julips while rocking on a front porch swing. The iconic plantations dotted throughout the Deep South are a visual reminder of the history of the region. Step back to a bygone era with a visit to a unique antebellum home or enjoy an immersive taste of the Old South with an overnight stay.

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British Passport holders require an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) to visit Memphis. You can obtain an ESTA from www.cbp.gov/esta



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No vaccinations are required for travel to the Deep South Plantations. All travellers should be up to date with routine immunisations. It’s important to contact your GP to check for the latest recommendations.

Experience true southern hospitality as you step into the past with a visit to some of the Deep South’s opulent antebellum mansions. An important part of the rich and controversial history of the United States, the antebellum mansions of the Deep South offer a window into this impactful period of American history. Spend a few hours exploring the grounds and historic buildings of one of the famous River Road plantations, or base yourself in one of these classic homes as you explore the wildlife and culture of the local area. Whether you are looking for the elegance of Oak Alley, or would prefer to gain an insight into the lives of those who lived and worked the plantations at Whitney Plantation, there is an antebellum experience for you.

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    Spend the night

    We offer a variety of plantation and antebellum accommodation situated along the path of the Mississippi River, from the grandeur of Nottoway Plantation in White Castle to charming Dunleith Historic Inn in Natchez.

  • Take the tour

    Perfect if you are short on time, take a tour from New Orleans to the majestic Oak Alley Plantation, or gain an insight into the lives of owners and slaves at Whitney Plantation, with its moving exhibits.

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Self Drive The Deep South

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