Grand Teton National Park


The Rockies – Things to do

Rockies Attractions

Explore, experience and discover. Learn to drive cattle and join a cowboy sin-along on a wild west ranch, hike through wilderness forests and mountain ranges, go white water rafting or fishing in the rivers and embrace the winter activities that The Rockies region has to offer.

Horse riding

Activities for all the family

There are endless activities for the whole family to enjoy in the Rockies, hike or bike across epic landscapes, ride the rapids of a mighty river or learn about the aboriginal culture at a Native American Pow Wow. Explore the national parks in comfort on a motorhome holiday, spend the nights in a log cabin or experience a little of the cowboy lifestyle on a ranch stay.

Moose calf

Abundant Wildlife

The Rocky Mountains are an important habitat for many animals, including elk, deer, mountain goat and hundreds of bird species, but it's the big ones; black bears, bison and moose that are the draw for wildlife lovers. Viewing of these larger animals are what's on everyone's wish list and even more so is capturing the moment on camera. You may want to bring along one with a zoom lens for a more quality photo and the best viewing times are at dawn and dusk when wildlife is more active. Stay quiet and still so you can witness the animals going about their day to day and remember; don't get too close, they are animals after all.

Grand Teton National Park

Exploring National Parks

Spanning more than 3000 miles, The Rockies hosts several incredible National Parks, including America's very first National Park; Yellowstone. Watch famous Old Faithful erupt and marvel at the geological activity at Mammoth Hot Springs.