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Connecticut Holidays

In the heart of New England, Connecticut holidays offer a timeless beauty waiting to be unravelled. Slow down, sip on a glass of local wine and simply enjoy the quaint pictures around you.

Often called the Nutmeg State, Connecticut is New England at its finest. It’s located just east of New York (halfway to Boston) on America’s wild Atlantic Coast. Postcard worthy vineyards and charming farms washed over with bright red and orange leaves await in the third smallest state in the USA.

If you’ve heard of the famous “New England Falls”, you’ll know that Connecticut is a true delight to look at in the autumn. Gorgeous green and orange foliage bursts through the state and provides a pretty background setting wherever you turn.

Holidays in Connecticut: slow paced and filled with charming towns

While in Connecticut, a visit to the Mark Twain House in Hartford is a must. The 25 room Victorian home where the famous author lived and wrote was recently named by National Geographic as one of the “Ten Best History Homes in The World”. Discover the Billiard Room, where his greatest works were brought to life. Take a tour through the butler’s pantry and get a glimpse into servant life.

Embrace your inner child at Mystic Seaport, the biggest maritime museum in the United States. Families with young children will love the activities for little sailors at the Discovery Barn and Children’s Museum. Adults have tons of boating history to discover and can rent sailboats to cruise along the harbour.

Connecticut is a treasure trove of hidden gems and historic surroundings. Adventurers will love exploring the rare geological formations, woodlands and fun hiking trails. At Gillette Castle State Park, explore the 20th century mansions designed by the famous actor/playwright William Gillette. Stumble across 47 doors, each one intricately designed and unique to the last.

In Connecticut’s Quiet Corner, enjoy the quieter pace of life. Bordering Rhode Island and Massachusetts, this gem is dotted with small, wonderfully charming towns with pastoral vibes. Explore rare tropical gardening centres during the day and then indulge in stylish bistros serving clam chowder and other local delights.

Connecticut might be praised for its delicious apple cider but it’s also one of the most up and coming wine states in the country. Wine trails are aplenty here, and you’ll find an array of extensive and leisurely tours through the some of the best vineyards. Holidays in Connecticut take you through the real New England, where urban life meets splendid rural charm.

Destination Highlights
  • Stroll through the mind of world renowned writer and actor at Mark Twain House
  • Embrace your inner child at Mystic Seaport and cruise along the harbour in sailboats
  • Discover the intricate beauty of the Gillette Castle State Park, designed by William Gillette
  • Stroll through the pastoral streets of Quiet Corner and sample local delights

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    Destination Specialist

    “Connecticut’s best known house is without a doubt, the Mark Twain house. It’s now a museum where you can take a walk through his home and discover where he wrote some of his best known work.”


  • Jessica, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    “Road trips are definitely the best way to discover Connecticut. I highly recommend renting a car and hitting the smooth, wide roads of the state.” 


  • Hebron Maple Festival

    Live music, delicious food, face painting and sugar house tours are all on the menu for the annual Hebron Maple Festival, held every March. It’s a celebration of the much loved sweet treat, complete with maple syrup boiling on outdoor fires, shops and stands where you can pick up bottles and fun crafts for children.


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