Snorkeling & Diving - Hawaii

With cerulean waters and abundant marine life, snorkelling and diving off Hawaii Island is an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

The clear blue ocean and kaleidoscopic corals make an underwater paradise that's ideal for both new and experienced divers or snorkellers. Hilo's Leleiwi Beach is home to a nearshore coral reef, green sea turtles and spinner dolphins, while Hapuna Beach's volcanic coastline offers the perfect snorkelling conditions.

One of the most exciting trips you can encounter while visiting Hawaii Island is a night snorkel with majestic manta rays, certainly a bucket list item you'll want to tick off. With their wingspans exceeding 15 feet in width and their large, gaping mouths, the manta rays are one of the ocean's most mysterious gentle giants. Venture out at night for an exhilarating evening where you'll get the rare chance to see rays feed on plankton, as the bright lights of your guide's boat or hand torch attract the creatures close to you. Now that's an experience you'll want to tell your loved ones all about when you get home.

Whether you want a low-key dip with tropical fish and coral, or an underwater adventure like no other, Hawaii Island's underwater wonderland won't disappoint.