The James Hotel Chicago

The James Hotel Chicago

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Guide Price £939 per person
Based on 11 February 19 departure from London Heathrow flying with United Airlines, staying for 4 nights room only in a Double Room (2 adults sharing).
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Boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown Chicago

One of Chicago’s most celebrated boutique hotels, The James is renowned for its signature blend of luxurious and supremely comfortable design, thoughtful amenities and residentially styled modern accommodations. Ideally situated just steps from Magnificent Mile, the hotel is within easy walking distance of some of Chicago’s best attractions such as Millennium Park and The Museum of Contemporary Art. Enjoy a meal on site at David Burke’s Primehouse restaurant – named ‘#1 Steakhouse in Chicago’ by Chicago magazine, indulge with a handcrafted cocktail at JIMMY cocktail lounge or treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at the Spa by ASHA.

  • Exquisitely designed 5* Boutique hotel
  • Fantastic central location on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile
  • David Burke’s critically acclaimed Primehouse restaurant on site
  • Handcrafted seasonal cocktails at JIMMY
  • First-class Spa and gym services

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City centre
  • Check-in Time:
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  • 297 rooms
  • Transfer time: Approx. 40 minutes from O'Hara International Airport

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  • Fitness facilities
  • Spa facilities

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  • Luxury Collection

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  • Room Only
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The James Hotel Chicago

  • City centre
  • Approx. 40 minutes from O'Hara International Airport
3658 Reviews 89% of travellers recommended this hotel

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Aug 20, 2018

Definitely not the best option in the area.

Muncie, Indiana

Overall, we were quite disappointed. Upon arrival, we noticed the elevator walls and floors were a bit dirty. When the doors opened on 10, we immediately noticed peeling wallpaper. We like to inspect our view and found the view was utterly unremarkable. Not only that, the windows were heavily streaked from the outside. So much so, that most pictures from the window would've been ruined anyway. We also noticed several "repairs" around the room and bathroom. A good repair should blend in and in several spots the work done was glaringly obvious. There was a piece of string of some sort wrapped around the cold water faucet of the sink that I couldn't remove as well. My wife noticed a musty smell in the bathroom, which I think may have been because the vent fan didn't seem to function at all. One other issue is the above bed lighting, while it does have a dimmer: it was still right in your field of vision when lying back on the bed, so it was basically unusable for us. I would give the James Chicago good marks for the friendliness and service of its staff, but I'm afraid I can't. One of the receptionists was quite pleasant, while the other was rather more aloof and brusque. Also, we had multiple issues getting ice for our room during our 2-night stay. If you're not willing or able to put ice machines on each floor, you better deliver it when requested. Out of three requests two were ignored completely, and I had to go down to lobby myself on one occasion. Valet Parking was a mixed bag too! First, it's a small thing, but the website shows it as $65 a night with in and out privileges. It is $69 a night on the bill. Also, on one return, the valet mistakenly failed to issue a new valet ticket and we had to be disturbed in our room after a late dinner. On two other occasions, we called down at least 10 minutes prior to going to the lobby, only to find that our car wasn't ready and we had to wait for another 10-15. The otherwise OUTSTANDING doorman/bellman asked us if we called ahead! Some might find that offensive, I mean we know the valet staff isn't psychic, LOL. The only good thing I can really point to is the location. Although, what we consider to be the BEST hotel value in the area is just 5 minutes away by car and 9 on foot! IDK if you are supposed to list competitors, so I will just give a hint. The H P C R N is right in the River North area, has bigger beds, bigger rooms and offers a free breakfast of acceptable quality. In fact, I think it shows itself to be one of the "best/worst kept" secrets in the river north area. As further anecdotal evidence, we booked almost 6 months in advance and the H P C R N was unable to accommodate us! The James by comparison still had some availability up to Lollapalooza weekend! The ONLY reason one might choose the James over HP C R N is that you just may get to meet and greet some celebs. For some reason, unfathomable to myself, the James is considered hip and trendy. A major Cable series in its' 9th season stays there when shooting 6 episodes in Chicago each year, we saw, met and spoke to several celebs and production crew as well as one musician. HOWEVER, we are inclined to believe that most of our service complaints are, in a sense, because of the resident "big shots". I can almost certainly guarantee that none of them are made to waste two hours of their time waiting on ice or cars to be brought around. 2 hours lost in a busy city can severely impact your vacation time and itinerary. We are very fortunate that it didn't ruin any plans, but we certainly would rather have had those 2 hours spent doing ANYTHING other than waiting.
Aug 20, 2018


Northfield, Illinois

Made hotel reservation at James Hotel in Chicago months in advance thru Hotwire to attend Chicago Air & Boat Show. Upon arrival to hotel, receptionist couldn’t find our reservation. When I confirmed to her thru confirmation on my cell phone that we indeed have a PAID reservation for 8/18/18 she stated she needed to talk to her manager and took MY UNLOCKED PHONE back behind a full panel door out of complete sight. After some minutes of now getting upset that someone had access that I couldn’t see to everything on my phone, I mentioned to other receptionist at counter. Only after my boyfriend, asked another receptionist to please retrieve my phone did she begrudgingly do so with an eye roll. Our receptionist then came out of back and asked that “I” email the confirmed reservation to the manager (who never came out of the back room). I was then asked to wait in hotel lobby. At this point, I called hotwire directly myself. A Hotwire representative confirmed that I had a paid reservation and asked me to put manager on phone…Oh BOY! I went back to hotel counter AGAIN and asked to see manager as a rep from Hotwire wanted to speak with them. (another eye roll from them). The manager finally comes out of back room and then proceeded to tell Hotwire on my phone that the hotel was completely booked and asked Hotwire rep if they booked my room thru a third party? After the confirmed response she then handed my phone back to me. Hotwire rep then asked me to hold. Another 30 Minutes later on hold, I finally hung up. At this point my boyfriend and I walked across street to Italian restaurant to decide what to do since it was clear the hotel was not honoring our reservation. NO APOLOGY AT THIS POINT, NOTHING. If anything we were treated like it was our fault for even showing up and they just wanted us to get lost. Now while sitting for lunch, Hotwire calls me back and states they talked to the James Hotel Manager again and she will now honor the room. Are you kidding me! I tell my boyfriend to stay put and I walked back across street to James Lobby again. This time, manager was at counter and stated she had a room and would “upgrade” me for the troubles. WHAT? So we finish lunch and go to room which I guess the upgrade was a suite. Main Room consisted off a Long bench with two throw pillows, “a wired chair” and a worn down breakfast hutch/table. Bedroom was a king size bed. Nothing great but livable. Since it had become so late, we missed Air & Water show and just ended up walking Mag Mile. Came back to room. To watch tv in main room, my boyfriend laid on bench with pillows and I couldn’t sit comfortably on wired chair. I then moved to breakfast hutch bench. After being uncomfortable there, I moved to bedroom. After some time in bedroom, I realized I was getting No AIR... I gave up and just sweated it out…didn’t care anymore. Now boyfriend comes to bed. And the NOISE from the street started. While he seemed initially to be able to sleep thru it, I’m now fully awake. So I move back to bench in main room to sleep. No GO. LOUD THERE TOO! After a couple of hours, of awake/asleep my boyfriend comes out and is like what is it with the ROAD noise? We have never had so much noise to be able to filter to a room on the 10th floor of a hotel! Finally morning. Now we realize there is no coffee maker in room also. AAAHHH. Missed show, tired and no coffee…LOVELY! Since we didn’t get a restful night sleep, we decided to grab another room at the Hilton. What a difference. After several hours of finally sleeping in new hotel, I check my phone and you guessed it, now I’m seeing unexplainable charges on my credit card for the James Hotel. One is for $75 other is for $152.88. After calling hotel they asked if I had anything from Mini Bar….NOOOOOOO. They then stated it would take another 3-4 days for the bills to correct themselves before I see the correct charges. I am now uneasy with this hotel completely and pray the charges correct themselves as we don’t want to deal with them ever again. We did not ask for this unfortunate chain of events. After now disputing credit card charges on top of everything else that has already happened, we wouldn’t stay at this hotel again ever.
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