The Queen Mary Long Beach


Queen Mary Long Beach

Queen Mary Long Beach

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World-famous ocean liner now operating as a historic hotel

Step aboard this world-famous ocean liner and experience the glitz and glamour of the 1930’s without having to leave Long Beach. Now permanently stationary, the Queen Mary is a true maritime icon and opens its doors for guests wishing to relive the ship’s glory days. Enjoy unique accommodations and elegant attractions as you explore the Art-Deco hallways and dining halls of this national treasure. Atmospheric shopping, exquisite dining and much more is waiting to be discovered onboard.

  • Enjoy a guided tour
  • The iconic Queen Mary ship
  • Several exciting museums
  • Queen Mary Spa and fitness centre
  • Nine food and drink experiences
  • Experience the grandeur and Art Deco elegance

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  • 314 rooms
  • Transfer duration: 30 mins from Los Angeles International Airport.
  • Minimum age: 21

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Queen Mary Long Beach

  • 30 mins from Los Angeles International Airport.
6493 Reviews 73% of travellers recommended this hotel

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Jan 22, 2018

Motel 6 style room

To start off with I need to say that I visited this hotel during a very busy New Years Eve event. While I got there at the specified check in time of 4pm (that seemed a little late for me, but...) The check in process took way too long. I was only like the fifth person in line, and it took over an hour for the check in process (50 min in line 10 min checking in). Even when I did finish I did not get the room that I had requested as it was not ready and they could not give me a time that the room would be ready. I did have to speak to a supervisor to get a different room that was ready. This took another 30 minutes. By this time a line of at least 50 to 75 people had formed all waiting to check in. I can not imagine how long they were going to wait in line with just three people checking in the fully booked hotel for the event. They were painfully understaffed and ill prepared. The supervisor gave the weak excuse of they just hired three new staff that would start next week, and that it was hard to find qualified people. My response to her was pay more and get better people as the ones that were working the counter should not have been in the hospitality field. The next disappointment was the room. I have stayed in better rooms at a motel 6. The decor was not ship like as one would expect. The walls of the hotel were paper thin. I could hear the couple in the next room carry on a normal conversation. I hope they have renovated rooms somewhere on the sip that are worth the stay. Ours was not. The price we paid for the event and room combo was over triple the normal room rate. I would have prefered to stay at a local hotel near by and done the event separate. I would have saved several hundred dollars. The restaurants on the hotel were even in gouging mode as they were all set up for special event menus and pricing. Nothing under $60.00 unless you grabbed a per-made sandwich out of the case at the coffee counter. Overall the hotel part was very disappointing. The New Year's event was fun, but at midnight the event was over and all the bars closed and stopped serving. Even if you still had drink tickets. The event said that it did go on even past midnight, but that was just in one ballroom and the bar was closed there. It was still fun and the energy at the event was good. There were areas and times that it was so crowed that you could not move, but that was expected. The VIP areas that were monitored at the start of the evening for VIP entrance were not monitored as the night went on, and the special VIP viewing areas became over run. It was still fun.
Jan 21, 2018

Me and my daughter loved it, wife didn't


So me and my daughter loved this place, it's history, sleeping on an actual boat, the view it was all awesome My wife didn't really like it because: a. the rooms don't have heating and she's always cold. The room was kinda cold, didn't really matter to me but she really needed to wear extra clothes in the hotel room b. the room wasn't clean enough, which I agree, however, I know this place is old and it will never look as good as a modern new hotel room. c. the bathroom door wasn't always closing the whole way and would sometimes just pop open my only complaint was that we got a room with 3 twin sized beds. and this is totally my fault, the guy at the desk asked me if that's fine and I thought I heard queen sized beds and we got there super late so it was too late to ask for a room switch. other then that, everything was great, we loved it and we loved strolling through the boat discovering new things, it's like sleeping in a really cool museum
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