• Nevada


Wildlife in Las Vegas

The wildlife in Las Vegas exists largely in Wildlife Refuges and Ranges, apart from your usual desert wildlife. In a city and surrounding area as large as Las Vegas, these are our top picks for seeing some of the best wildlife Las Vegas has to offer: 

Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge

With the Great Plains to the east, the Chihuahuan Desert to the south and the Rocky Mountains to the west, the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge has a range of diverse habitats. Animals looked after here include geese, cranes, ducks and various other wildlife; each are rested, fed and have their own wintering area. 

Desert National Wildlife Range

The largest National Wildlife Refuge outside of Alaska, the Desert National Wildlife Refuge is overwhelming at 1.6 million acres of Mojave Desert. Its main purpose is the conservation of desert bighorn sheep and its unique flora and fauna. Over 500 species of plant can be found here varying from saltbrush on the valley floors to ponderosa pine, white fir and bristlecone pine in the higher areas. This habitat is perfect for the indigenous birds, mammals and reptiles.