• Grizzly Bear in Katmai National Park


Wildlife Viewing in Alaska

Be amazed at the spectacular wildlife

Grizzly Bears, Stella Sea Lions, Whales and Moose to name just a few; wildlife in Alaska is abundant! The drastic changes to the seasons offers a chance for you to witness something special, just don't forget your camera.

Grey Whales are the first sign of Spring, where they are just the first of many species of whales to arrive in the rich Alaska waters to feed. Huge flocks of birds also migrate north to summer nesting grounds, such as Potter Marsh which is part of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.

Summer brings new Moose calves from early May, Beluga Whales close to the shorelines as they follow the fish and Salmon return to spawn. Grizzly Bears are best seen during summer months when they are foraging for food among the berry-covered hillsides and fish from the rivers.

As the seasons change, the North Lights return in Autumn. Moose rut season is in full swing as the bull Moose joust for mates. Grizzly Bears are looking for the last berry patches and can be found along the Salmon streams. Birds are migrating through various locations in large numbers and Gray, Bowhead and Beluga Whales travel down the west coast. You will also witness the fur changes of Hares, Arctic Fox, Ptarmigan and Lemings to white.

Animals can be much easier to spot in Winter as their movement is less concealed by vegetation. In November, the largest Bald Eagle concentration in the world can be observed along the Chilkat River and tracks in the snow are easily seen from the likes of Fox, Wolves, Lynx, Mink, Marten and River Otters.

Whichever season you choose to travel to Alaska, you will not be disappointed and there are many exceptional guides and tours to help you witness some of Alaska's incredible animals in their natural habitats.