• Glacier Bay


Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

Remote, wild and sacred

Bordered by temperate rainforests, this stunning national park offers an unspoiled destination you won’t want to miss. Eleven gigantic glaciers fill the sea with icebergs of all shapes and sizes, towering in an array of shades of blue. Take a boat or plane to best see the vastness of this national park’s wild and stunning beauty, filled with glaciers such as the huge Grand Pacific Glacier, green valleys, beaches, straits, and tiny islands. Most visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery from the deck of a cruise ship or small boat, but for a more intimate experience; kayak through protected inlets and waterways.

Internationally protected Biosphere Reserve and recognised as a World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a designated wilderness and it's remoteness contniues to intrigue and inspire us. 

Essential Information

  • Useful Information:  Unlike most National Parks across the United States of America, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve charges no entrance fees.