Goa Gajah Temple

The Elephant Cave

Also known as the 'Elephant Cave', Goa Gajah is situated in the small village of Bedulu a few miles from central Ubud.

Dating back to the 11th Century, the temple was originally built as a place for meditation and is now a popular tourist attraction and place of historical significance. As you descend the steps of the temple to the main site, you'll find a large outdoor meeting hall along with an assortment of large old stone carvings, some of which have been resorted to their original beauty. The site is also home to a pool that features five stunning statues of Hindu angels. 

The southern end of Goa Gajah boasts beautiful rice fields and calming streams that lead to the Petanu River. Like most temples in Bali, sarongs and waist sashes must be worn when visiting Goa Gajah.

Essential Information

  • Hours: 
    08:00 - 17:00
  • Duration:  We recommend allowing at least 45 minutes here