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From contemporary back to coventional

Many people don't realise that Dubai has so much cultural heritage. When someone says Dubai you would usually go straight to huge skyscrapers and ultimate luxury in a desert oasis. And you would be right! However as much as we love the modern architecture and beautiful hotels, we love Dubai’s rich history even more! It provides visitors with a fascinating glimpse into local traditions and customs; from the call to prayer to falconry and from camel racing to Islamic art; Emirati culture lives on in modern-day Dubai.

If you want to base yourself in an area with great access to some of Dubai's best historic attractions then we recommend hotels in the Deira area. It's convenient location is only 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and within walking distance to the array of souks, bazaars and museums, including the infamous Gold Souq. This is your chance to test your haggling skills to find some souvenirs to take home!

For some really special attractions be sure to cross the creek and visit the Textile Souk and the Al Fahidi, the oldest existing building in Dubai housing a museum on local history and cultural heritage.

Essential Information

  • Open:  Many of the souks and markets in and around the old districts in Dubai will be closed on Fridays and may only be open in the evenings during the week.
  • Useful Information:  We advise dressing modestly when visiting historic sites, especially those with any religious features.

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

"The great thing about Deira, apart from the endless attractions is that because it is on the Dubai Creek, it is the perfect place to take a cruise on a traditional Dhow boat. For an extra special experience book in for a dinner cruise and sail through the city at sunset."