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Dubai's Delicious Food

A complete world of flavours

You will find every cuisine imaginable in Dubai; from fish and chips to seven course tasting menus in celebrity-chef-run restaurants. But be careful not to overlook the local food. The main ingredients of Emirati cuisine include lamb, beef, goat, fish and rice. Expect skewered meats, grilled local fish and mouth-watering mezze served with flatbreads and moreish dips like hummus. For something sweet, snack on delicious medjool dates; the UAE boasts over 30 million date palm trees.

Popular with tourists, this tasty dish consists of spit-cooked chicken or lamb with tomatoes, garlic and pickle, all served in a soft roti and eaten with tahini or hummus.

Often eaten as a side dish, falafel is a filling mix of chickpeas, herbs and spices usually fried in small balls. Try a falafel sandwich with salad and garlic or chilli sauce.

Wara Enab
Rice is an integral part of Middle Eastern cooking, and this is a unique way of serving it, mixed with spices and wrapped in an edible vine leaf.


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"Don't restrict yourself to your hotel for food. There are so many different places to eat out, from revolving rooftops to underwater restaurants you are sure to find some amazing dining experiences."