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Dubai, Sri Lanka, Maldives Multi Centre Holiday

The bright city lights of Dubai, the limitless adventures of Sri Lanka and the soothing, laid back beach lifestyle of the Maldives. Our Dubai, Sri Lanka and Maldives multi-centre holiday offers you city, beach and culture in one trip.  

Kick start your getaway in the busy, futuristic metropolis of Dubai, where five star hotels, restaurants and shopping centres are abundant and ensconced within a shimmering desert landscape. The city offers an urban experience unlike any other, with plenty of culture and sightseeing mixed in for good measure. You should have ample time to make the most of it before taking your adventure to the island country of Sri Lanka where more exploits await. 

Whether you’re hiking your way up craggy ancient rock fortresses, exploring large caves and cities or visiting hillside tea plantations, you are certain to be having the time of your life in Sri Lanka. Add some balance to the days spent in Sri Lanka with an hour or two spent relaxing in the sun on the beach. You may also be able to spot sea turtles in the temperate, turquoise waters. 

From Sri Lanka, your beach holiday will really begin as you move on to the Maldives. It is here that you will discover the true meaning of pure island bliss. Luxury resorts are sprinkled across every island and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to simply do nothing.


15 days

Guide Price

 £2,199  pp
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Trip highlights

  • Set your sights on the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world
  • Hike your way up the craggy ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya
  • Bounce across the shimmering dunes on a scenic desert safari
  • Take part in a host of water activities on the island of Maafushi
a view of a city with tall buildings in the background

Dubai is the ultimate urban metropolis. Where stylish cars whizz by on the streets and skyscrapers poke holes in the fluffy clouds above.

It’s where you’ll find all of the entertainment and luxuries that you could possibly imagine. From five star restaurants and hotels to luxury yachts to mammoth malls that boast hundreds and hundreds of upmarket stores, there is so much to be explored in Dubai.

It’s also where you’ll find the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which stands at a staggering 2,720 feet. Once you are done with your explorations, the most beautiful portion of the city awaits in the surrounding desert backdrop. Set off for a desert safari across the golden dunes just before sunset. Spend a quiet night stargazing at a traditional Bedouin camp where the sounds of the city are replaced with comforting silence.

SriLanka SeemaMalakatemple Colombo

As adventurous as it is laid back, Sri Lanka promises the best of both worlds and is the perfect middle ground between Dubai and the Maldives. 

Spend hours lazing around on the shimmering beaches or taking part in some fun filled water activities before heading out looking for adventure. Climb to the top of Sigiriya, the legendary rock fortress that stands at over 650 feet tall. If hiking isn’t your strong point, book a visit to the sizeable city of Kandy. This cultural hub allows you to immerse yourself in the arts, architecture and cuisine of Sri Lanka. 

Stop at one of the abundant hillside tea plantations for a steaming cup of brewed Ceylon, or explore the Relic of the Sacred Tooth. Here, one of Buddha’s teeth is said to be housed in a jewelled golden casket. Finally, be sure to add the Dambulla Cave Temple to your itinerary for a more involved look at the country’s widespread Buddhist culture. It’s home to more than 100 Buddhist paintings and statues. 


a group of people swimming in a pool of water

The Maldives is the ideal place to enjoy relaxation in its purest form. From gorgeous natural vistas, temperate, crystal clear waters and balmy beaches, this island paradise is ideal for couples and those wanting to totally unwind.

Head to the island of Maafushi for snorkelling, scuba diving and other island activities. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the docile whale sharks that inhabit the island’s oceans. If you prefer to spend your days sightseeing, take a trip to Hukuru Miskiy. This large mosque is made out of coral boulders and is the perfect example of the sea culture architecture within the region. The National Museum is another wonderful place to visit for a closer look into the island nation’s history and lifestyle. It’s home to a wide variety of artefacts, including objects made of stone and beautiful royal antiquities which originated during the Buddhist era.