Meiji Shrine

Dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meji and his wife Empress Shoken, this Shinto shrine can be found in the centre of Tokyo, close to the Yoyogi Park and Harajuku Station. 

Despite being destroyed in World War II, the shrine was rebuilt shortly after and is today one of the most sacred places in the city. 

Enter the shrine's grounds through the huge torii gate and leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city behind you as you venture into the tranquil forest. At the time of the shrine's construction, around 100,000 trees were planted, some of which were donated from across Japan, and today make for a lush, thick and dense landscape.  

Meji Jingu is one of the most popular shrines in the complex, welcoming more than three million people in the first few days of each New Year as they come to pray; the site is also popular with those getting married, with many traditional Shinto weddings taking place here.

At the northern end of the Meji complex, you'll find the Meji Jingu Treasure House that was built one year after the shrine was opened. Here, you'll find interesting artefacts and personal belongings of the Emperor and Empress on show.

Essential Information

  • Open:  All year from sunrise to sunset
  • Ages:  All ages
  • Guide Price:  Free