Tobago's Delicious Cuisine

The cuisine of Tobago is a blend of Indian, European, African, Creole, Chinese and Lebanese influences. The traditional cuisine uses seafood or food grown on the islands, including peas, corn, coconuts and mangoes flavoured with wild herbs. The pervasive presence of the sea means seafood is fresh and used in many dishes. Fish, shrimp, conch and lobster are often cooked in mouth watering Creole-style sauces. 

Curry Crab ‘n’ Dumpling: Tobago’s signature dish, can be found everywhere on the island and will appear on most menus. This ubiquitous dish involves stewing crab meat with curry and coconut milk, served over flour dumplings. If you spot this during your holiday, be sure to give it a try.

Cassava Pone: Cassava is similar to a potato but is grown in Caribbean islands. This sweet dish is not quite pudding, not quite cake, but somewhere in between; like bread pudding made with cassava. The sweet flavour comes from the coconut and pumpkin blended into the mix. It's well worth a try during your visit.

Yabba: This dish came about by mixing all the ‘odds and ends’ of the kitchen together into a pot. It includes anything left over like dumplings, fish, pigtail, potatoes, cassava, dasheen or anything else. The ingredients are boiled and reduced into a very thick, rich soup. It might not sound the tastiest but it's a true delicacy.

Callaloo: Stew-like soup made with okra and pureed dasheen that is often served with Sunday dinner. The ingredients also include crab, salt meat, onions and thyme all simmered to a stew-like consistency with coconut milk. When finished, the callaloo is dark green and served as a side dish or as a gravy over cassava, sweet potatoes, dumplings or curried crab.

Roti: This tasty flour bread is similar to Indian naan bread and is filled with curried chicken, goat, beef, shrimp or chick peas. There are numerous types of roti available, such as dhal puri, which is stuffed with ground yellow split peas, cumin, garlic and pepper. An true explosion of flavours.

Doubles: One of Tobago’s favourite street foods. This sandwich is made with a flat fried bread called bara and filled with channa (curried chick peas or garbanzo beans). The sandwich is then topped with mango, cucumber, coconut or tamarind chutney and pepper sauce to spice it up. It's without doubt Tobago’s fast food favourite.

Corn Soup: This traditional Tobago dish is Amerindian in origin. This rich corn broth doubles as both a street food and a main dish and is served with chunks of potatoes and little cobs of corn bobbing around with chunks of pumpkin, carrots, peppers, and garbanzo beans. Various versions can be found on the island with some adding butter, flour or egg, depending on the region you are in.