Buccoo Reef

Stunning scenery out at sea

Located near Tobago’s popular Pigeon Beach Heritage Park, Buccoo Reef is a spectacular snorkelling site. Perched in the middle of colourful reefs that are home to South Atlantic coral and more than 600 species of fish. The island is known around the world for its diving sites and is internationally recognised for its drift dives. One of the best dive sites on the island is Bucco Reef, which is home to a warm, shallow dive site called Nylon Pool. Here the water is crystal clear and you will see jewel-toned fish darting in and around the coral as you dive. Explore the clear, shallow waters, swimming past jewel-toned fish and stunning coral gardens as you gently float in the rippling waves. 

Nylon Pool

When visiting Tobago, a boat trip out to the Nylon Pool is a must. A shallow coral pool located out at sea, you wouldn't believe how far out at sea you are. Enjoy lazy afternoons sitting on the soft white sands and relaxing in the warm waters. Within close proximity to Buccoo Reef, it is part of a protected area full of stunning and vibrant coral reefs and is one of Tobago's most visited attractions including Princess Margaret who gave it its name in 1962. 

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Destination Specialist

"Even if you aren't a confident swimmer, the boats have ropes for you to hold onto so you don't miss out on seeing the amazing coral reefs".