Otentik Cook Class, Mauritius


Indian Ocean's Rich Culture

A melting pot of culture and experience

Indian Ocean holidays combine a historic journey of a multitude of influences from it's surrounding countries to make the perfect combination of warm friendly locals, customs, cuisine and way of life. The islands draw from not only their neighbouring countries but from those further afield that hold spots in the countries history. African, Asian, Indian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and English customs mould together to create unique cultures in a tropical setting.

Mosques and temples, botanical gardens and colonial architecture, bustling markets and seaside towns; evocative cultures ripple through Indian Ocean holidays like sea water. Shop for handicrafts in the Maldives’ colourful capital, Malé, breathe in the scents of tea fields of Sri Lanka, and discover the Seychelles’ famous Coco de Mer, the largest seed in the world at a weighty 30 kilos. 

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

"Creole culture is at the heart of Mauritius and Seychelles holidays. Interact with the locals and try out some of your newly learnt language. A simple Bonzour will do"