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Paradise Shores of the Indian Ocean

Turquoise sea meets soft sand beaches

With luminescent sand blending gently into the greens and blues of the water, the beaches of the Indian Ocean are as close to paradise as it gets. In the Maldives, any one of the 200 uninhabited islands will make you feel like a castaway. And practically everywhere you go a colour chart of marine life darts beneath the ocean surface. 

A Seychelles holiday wouldn't be complete without a visit to some of the best beaches in the world like Anse Lazio or lively Beau Vallon or why not experience the untouched shores of Rodrigues or Reunion Island island hopping from Mauritius. 

Sri Lanka's coast line are completely different but yet the perfect pairing of golden shores to the west and white sand island paradise on the east.

There is always a perfect spot on every island to hear the lapping of the waves hit the shores.