Thai Wildlife

Get Up Close To Thailand's Wildlife

Due to Thailand's diverse geography, the country is home to a rich and varied array of animal species. There are more than 100 national parks in Thailand, with over 20 marine parks. Larger mammals include tigers, Sambar deer, otters, leopards and Civet cats. Thailand is undoubtedly a nature lover's dream location.

Elephant Hills Jungle Safari

Spend a few days getting close to nature and experiencing the Asian Elephant up close. Discover the lakes and rivers of the National Park in a canoe or long tail boat, and trek into the forest to learn about the flora and fauna of this unique destination. It's an adventure for all of the family.

The Elephant Hills experience gives you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the majestic creatures enjoy bathing in the mud pools, and you can also wash and scrub the gentle giants before helping to prepare their food and feed them. Following this amazing experience, the elephants are returned to their extensive free roaming pen, where you can continue to watch them at play, interacting and grazing in their natural environment. 

Bird Watching

Thailand is home to more than 900 species of bird that are either indigenous or migrate to the region. Whether you want to take an organised tour or just wander on your own with a pair of binoculars, Thailand is an ornithologist's dream. Visit any one of the country's national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to view colourful, unusual birds such as flower-peckers, babblers and wood-swallows.