• Golden Triangle


Golden Triangle Thailand

Experience the meeting of cultures at this scenic convergence between northern Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Learn about the infamous Opium trade of pre-1959, visit exquisite temples, and invigorate the senses amid verdant forests and thriving local markets.

The land of a million rice fields

Aside from the sweeping view of the mighty Mekong and Ruak rivers meandering their way through the rich and deep green jungle, you’ll find a wealth of cultural activities within a short distance of the historic lookout point. Take a relaxing trip down the river from Sop Ruak, admiring the views along the way, including the homes of age-old communities that call the Golden Triangle home. 

Away from the river you’ll discover lush gardens, bamboo forests and stone carving centres, all within a short distance of the Golden Triangle itself. Take time to visit the Mae Fah Luang Arboretum, a botanical garden of pine forests, cherry trees and fragrant orchids. Admire Phra Buddha Nawa Lan Tue, a giant bronze Buddha statue that sits atop an ornate boat alongside the river, a spiritual guardian looking out over the convergence of these extraordinary nations and the rivers that flow through them.  

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Executive

“Head to nearby Chiang Saen Lake in the early morning for a calming birdwatching experience. The eastern and southern parts of the lake in particular, with their looping trails and viewing boardwalks, are a great place to see woodpeckers, grass owls and geese.”


Destination Manager

“Stop off at the Yao hill tribe village and meet the elaborately dressed villagers. Women dress in long black coats with vibrant red collars, while men don embroidered jackets. Take home a souvenir of your trip in the form of a beautiful handmade scarf or piece of intricate silver jewellery.”