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Thai Elephant Care Center

The Thai Elephant Care Center is a heartwarming sanctuary for elderly, pregnant, and ill elephants. A safe haven for them to rest and play in their natural jungle habitat, visit the center to gain unprecedented access to these majestic creatures.

A must for all animal-lovers 

During a once in a lifetime Thai adventure of exploring, discovering, and enjoying, your visit to the Thai Elephant Care Center will be about giving back. Nestled among the humble surroundings of the village of Mae Sa, the centre is a place for elephants to see out their retirement roaming free, relaxing and bathing in the river.

At this peaceful jungle retreat you’ll get up close and personal with the elephants and really learn about their natural habits and herd way of life. Your rewarding, uniquely humbling experience begins with an expert’s talk on Asian elephants. And then it’s time get hands-on as you get involved in the preparation of natural elephant food (a blend of ground grass, herb balls, and bananas), take them for a bath in the river, and lead them to their nighttime dwellings among the trees.

At the end of your trip (the centre offers half day, full day, or overnight stays) you’ll be treated to an al fresco lunch for your efforts, set among the wild grasses of the nearby landscape.

Top Tips from our Experts


Brand & Advertising Campaign Manager

“Go one step beyond a day trip and stay overnight to feel truly at one with the elephants and the natural landscape”


Destination Specialist

“You’ll be given a uniform to wear during your time at the center, but remember to wear comfortable, grippy shoes that you don’t mind soaking through.”