Bangkok National Museum

If you’re keen to explore a range of Thai relics and artefacts, you should venture to Wang Na Palace. Visitors will find the Bangkok National Museum set within the peaceful gardens of the 18th Century palace. This museum is an absolute must-see for Eastern art and culture lovers alike.

A meeting of the minds

Though you might picture Bangkok as a bustling mecca of scarcely controlled chaos – it is a city unrivalled in this part of the world when it comes to sheer unbridled action and adventure. There’s another side to this enthralling urban metropolis too; a more serene side, designed to enrich the soul and restore calm within the minds of those who experience it. The Bangkok National Museum is such a place. Lose yourself in a myriad of history and culture, beautifully sculpted gardens, traditional Thai art displays and majestic buildings. 

Enter via the Sivamokhaphiman Hall and absorb a fascinating visual representation of Thai history before browsing the archeological and art history collection and its impressive array of ancient sculptures. Marvel at a rich display of Asian weaponry, jewels, and art. Gain a fascinating insight into Thai architecture and way of living across the eras in the eye-catching Funeral Chariot Hall and Red House.

Essential Information

  • Ages:  All ages
  • Guide Price:  40.0

Top Tips from our Experts


Senior Destination Manager

“Arrive in style, via the Chao Phraya River Express Boat, disembarking at Maharaj Pier.”


Destination Executive

“Look out for the knowledgeable volunteers who conduct free English-speaking tours of the museum – essential for an authentic perspective.”