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Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkoks most famous landmark.

Perhaps Thailand’s most beautiful temple, the Grand Palace in Bangkok is a spectacular sight. The ornate palace and its beautiful grounds are sure to take your breath away.  Once the royal residence of Thailand’s kings, the Grand Palace is undoubtedly Bangkok's most beautiful gem and is even still occasionally used for official events and state functions.

The spectacularly ornate palace is composed of four groups of buildings with different architectural styles. Within the walls are government offices and The Emerald Buddha Temple, also known as Wat Phra Kaew, and widely regarded as the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand. The temple enshrines the Emerald Buddha who sits in a meditating position and is carved from a single block of jade. 

The magnificent, dazzling Grand Palace will leave you speechless thanks to its intricate detail and beautiful structures; a true and proud display of Thai craftsmanship. 

Nowadays, the royal receptions halls are reserved for important ceremonies such as coronations, but visitors are permitted to enter the Europeann-style reception room and the Grand Palace Hall. 

Essential Information

  • Hours: 
    08:30 - 17:30
  • Open:  Open all year
  • Useful Information:  Remember that a strict dress code applies when visiting the palace and you should wear long trousers, shirts that cover your shoulders and keep your feet covered at all times.

Top Tips from our Experts

Try and visit The Grand Palace early in the day, so it is as cool as possible whilst walking around. It opens at 8.30am, I would suggest being there by 08:15am.


Destination Specialist

Make sure you take enough cash with you - credit or debit cards are not accepted at The Grand Palace.