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Texan cuisine

Give Your Taste buds A Texan Treat

Loved all over the world, Texan cuisine is something the locals are proud of. No matter where in the state you visit, you'll find a different, unique speciality: from the slow-cooked hog roast in Tennessee to tasty gumbo in Louisiana. Some firm favourites include:

Barbecued beef

In a battle of the barbeque states, Texas would consider itself in a league of their own. Here, meat is tenderised for several hours over a mesquite wood fire with a favourite being succulent beef, the main event.

Chicken-fried steak 

A curious-sounding dish perhaps to those who haven't tried it, but in Texas this makes perfect sense. From Houston to San Antonio, you'll find this chicken-fried dish that was thought to have originated from German settlers because of similarities to Wiener schnitzel (breaded veal). 

Corn dog

For those not in the know, a corn dog is a sausage on a stick coated and deep-fried in a cornmeal batter. The locals have been selling them at State Fairs since 1942 and they are still as popular as ever. If you ever pass through Texas, try one with a little ketchup and lots of mustard.


No Texan would ever consider that this dish of bell peppers, minced beef, herbs and chillies could be better created anywhere else - even though chili was a firm favourite among the Aztecs in Mexico and called quauhchilli. Main ingredient: beef, of course.

Frozen margarita

Texas’ answer to the Mississippi Mint Julep, this deliciously refreshing drink is a cross between a frozen alcoholic beverage and a dessert. On a hot day it hits the spot, calms the nerves and keeps pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Frito pie

Texans love their corn chips and have invented a variety of different ways to enjoy them. Frito Pie is one of the more popular creations: purchase a bag of corn chips, smother in chill con carne, top with cheese strips, salsa and garnish with jalapenos. You get the picture.


Walk down the main street of any town in Texas and you’ll come across a taqueria - taco diner. Tortillas are cheap, easy to eat on-the-go and flexible, filling them with whatever takes your fancy. They can be eaten at any time of day so no matter what you decide to have inside them, the humble taco is always tasty.

Pecan pie

If you’re going to sample some true Southern living then make sure you leave room for a slice of pecan pie after your rib-eye. It’s right up there with the Yellow Rose of Texas in terms of cultural significance.