Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Home of the annual wildebeest migration

Vast expansive plains with endless horizons stretch in every direction of the Serengeti, Tanzania’s most fantastic game reserve.

The subject of countless documentaries and movies, the Serengeti is famous for the migration of wildebeests that cross the plains every year. Within the region, two World Heritage Sites and two Biosphere Reserves are now established with a completely unique ecosystem that's been the inspiration for many writers, photographers and filmmakers over the years. Thanks to the ancient ecosystem, the climate, vegetation and fauna of the Serengeti plains has barely changed in the last million years. 

Take a thrilling safari through Serengeti for an experience with nature that you'll never forget and spot the Big Five among other animals: from the majestic elephants and towering giraffes to the humble hippo, regal lions and tranquil zebras. 

Essential Information

  • Ages:  All ages
  • Duration:  2-3 days
  • Useful Information:  You can visit the Serengeti either in 4x4 vehicle or fly straight in.

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

The best views of the Serengeti can be seen from the front seat of your jeep. But, for an amazing view across the plains, head to the top of Naabi Hill or view it from a hot air balloon.