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A Taste of Tanzania

Must try food for when you're staying in Tanzania

From fresh-caught lobster on the island of Zanzibar to meat stews in inland Arusha, dishes depend on what food is available locally. In coastal regions, seafood, spicy curries, coconut milk and tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples, pawpaws and bananas are all on the menu. On the mainland, staples include ugali (maize porridge), rice, plantains, beans, okra and marinated, grilled meat. With many second-generation Indian immigrants in Tanzania, Indian dishes like curry, biryani and chapatti bread are not uncommon.

Mchuzi Wa Kamba
A must-try on Zanzibar, this Indian-style prawn curry is one of the tastiest results of the island’s time as a trade crossroads. Other main ingredients include coconut milk, tomatoes, garlic and tamarind.

Otherwise known as Swahili shish kebabs, these skewers of meat or fish are spiced and marinated for extra flavour. Beef, goat, chicken, kingfish and tuna are all popular.

Street Food  
Your best bet for great street food is Stone Town, Zanzibar’s eclectic capital. Head to the night market at the waterfront Forodhani Gardens, where you can sample Zanzibari dishes and snacks while you watch the sun set over the ocean. Feast on kebabs, samosas, barbecued seafood and local favourites like urojo, a spicy cassava soup flavoured with mango and ginger, and Zanzibar pizza, a fried stuffed bread filled with gooey cheese, egg, meat and veg. Be careful to only order street food from vendors whose food is clean, fresh and cooked right in front of you.