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Tanzania and Zanzibar Multi Centre Holilday

After the soul stirring experiences of the Tanzanian wild safari, bring your holiday to a dreamy finish in Zanzibar. Our multi-centre holiday takes you from the adventurous plains of Tanzania and whisks you away to the tropical paradise of Zanzibar. 

In the vast wilderness of Tanzania live the highest number of animals in all of Africa - it’s the safari destination for explorers. Enter the largest game reserves in the world (Selous Game Reserve) and find more than 120,000 elephants who call the immaculately preserved area home. It’s the habitat of three of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the biggest predator population in the world. For a dream safari destination, there’s nowhere else on earth.

Our Tanzania and Zanzibar multi-centre takes you from staggering wildlife sightings to total bliss. Holidays in Zanzibar have it all. Relax on fairytale beaches with velvety soft sands and crystal seas. Next, discover the colourful diversity of African and Arabian traditions. In Stone Town, you can explore the narrow, winding alleys of ancient buildings and huge carved doorways. 

Drenched in sun and history, the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar fuses influence, style and culture from Africa, Arabia and India. Lovers of the island call it the ‘Spice Island’ and you only need to stumble upon the narrow passageways away from the beach and take in the wonderful fragrances of exotic spices to see why. 

Leave the exhilarating game drives behind in Tanzania’s wildlife reserves and bask in the beating sun and blue glassy waters of Zanzibar. In less than an hour, we’ll turn your safari break into a luxury island escape you’ll never want to leave.


12 days

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 £4,199  pp
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Trip highlights

  • Unleash your inner adventurer in the world’s number one safari location in Tanzania’s reserves
  • Swim with Bottlenose Dolphins in the turquoise waters of Zanzibar
  • Discover three of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders in Tanzania
  • Witness two million wildebeest and zebra in the spectacular Great Wildebeest Migration
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Explorers and adventurers need look no further than the wildlife destination of Tanzania. Mountainous landscapes, staggering wildlife and exhilarating safari adventures come together to deliver memories for a lifetime. Discover untouched expanses and world famous game reserves, where millions of mammals live, including the Big Five. Adrenaline fuelled game drives take you face to face with the region’s most majestic and endangered mammals - lions, elephants, black and white rhinos, leopards and buffalo.

In the wide open plains of Tanzania, you’ll have the chance to see chimpanzees as they swing through the trees, herds of elephants stroll along the migration paths and giraffes peek out through the ancient baobab trees. During the phenomenal Great Wildebeest Migration, you can witness the thundering hooves of almost two million wildebeest and zebras as they make the annual trip through the Masai Mara to greener grass.

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Just off the coast of East Africa awaits the remarkable cultural crossroads of Zanzibar. This tropical island is an escapist’s dream. And time certainly stands still when you sunbathe on the velvet soft sands of this utopian beauty.

Some of the best diving places in the region are right here in the glistening blue waters of Zanzibar. Dive in and swim with bottlenose dolphins, seahorses and octopus. The island is also famed for its postcard perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and warm sunny days.

On the coast, meet the local fishermen and farmers that keep the livelihood of the ‘Spice Island’ afloat. The rich cultural and multi-ethnic history of Zanzibar has birthed a wonderfully vibrant cuisine. Indulge in local and fresh meat, fish and vegetable dishes infused with fragrant spices like cinnamon and masala. You can also immerse yourself in the island’s history as you explore the winding streets and unique architecture of Stone Town.