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Yala Holidays

Located in the southeast of Sri Lanka, Yala became a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was given the title of national park in 1938. This incredible reserve consists of forests, lagoons, scrub and grasslands and is home to 44 varieties of mammal and 215 bird species.

With it's wide open landscapes and watering holes teeming with wildlife, nature lovers will adore exploring this amazing animal kingdom. A safari here will reveal herds of elephants, reptiles, birds, sloth bears, plus its most famous inhabitants, the leopard, lord of the jungle. You can also see sambar and spotted deer, jackals, peacocks and crocodiles. Get your camera ready for a spellbinding animal encounter.

The park borders the beautiful Indian Ocean and is split into five separate blocks that each have individual names, such as Ruhuna National Park and Kumana National Park.  The best time to visit Yala is between February and July; at this time of year the animals come out into the open when the water levels of the park are low, giving you precious opportunity to study some of the world’s most fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.

Time Zone

GMT +5:30 hours

Flight Time

Approx.11 hours direct from London Heathrow, or varied indirect times via the Middle East.


LKR - Sri Lankan rupee

Visa Information

British citizens must obtain an online visa prior to travel.


Tamil, Sinhalese and English

Health Information

No mandatory vaccinations are required. It's important to contact your GP for the latest recommendations.
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    "In order to get the best experience during your stay, I recommend staying at Chena Huts. These individual villas blend seamlessly with their surroundings and have a huge rustic jungle charm appeal. They are guaranteed to make your stay extra special. "