Elephant transit home - Udawalawe


Udawalawe National Park

Wildlife Sanctuary

An abundance of natural beauty. That is the best way to describe Udawalawe. This once small nature reserve is now an attraction to thousands every year. Everyone who visits takes away the amazing experience of the vast areas of roaming space and the mix of wildlife that inhabit it. From Ceylon Spotted Deer to Crested Serpent Eagles, and Mugger Crocodiles to Malabar Pied Hornbill, you photo album will be sure to impress.

The National Park is over 300km² and home to thousands of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. During your Safari your guide will always stop to point out the wildlife. Many of our guides grew up in and around the park making them experts in every possible part of it. Their highly trained eyes can spot hiding residents from great distances. Although many of the animal that call the Park home have no issue with walking alongside you and even pose for some pictures themselves. 

We recommend combining your Safari with a visit to the Elephant Transit Home next door. Unlike Elephant 'Orphanages', the transit home only houses the elephants for a maximum of 3 years before releasing them back into the reserve to live a normal life in the wild. Nevertheless it is still a must see, the young elephants are fed 3 times a day and your guide will make sure you witness one of them. Watch from the viewing platform as these astounding animals are given their meals and then playfully chase each other or try and sneak a second helping of food. With no chains or restraints in sight, we love the transit home and recommend it to anyone with a love for animals like ours.



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Destination Specialist

"The Elephant Transit Home is great to visit and it's for a great cause, helping to rehabilitate orphaned elephants back into the wild. See the park by Safari and watch baby elephants at feeding time for a true wildlife experience"