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Udawalawe National Park

One of the country’s most popular nature reserves, Udawalawe National Park is a haven for hundreds of Sri Lanka’s endemic species. A visit here is your best chance to see some of the country’s rarest animals thriving in their natural habitat.

A scenic sanctuary

Located in the south of the country, Udawalawe National Park is comprised of 30,821 hectares of varied natural terrain set aside solely for the protection and preservation of Sri Lanka’s wildlife. Although dominated by vast plains and scrubland, the park also features rivers and marshland, dense forests, imposing mountains and the stunning Diyawini Falls.

Thanks to its wonderful variation in habitat, the park provides a home for a plethora of wildlife from the majestic Asian elephant and the Sri Lankan leopard, to crested serpent eagles, Indian muntjac and the rare Sri Lankan sloth bear.

From the playfulness of a baby elephant to the thrill of a crocodile lying in wait for its prey, witnessing the complex strength and fragility of the wildlife in Udawalawe National Park is a humbling and eye-opening experience. 

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Specialist

"The Elephant Transit Home is great to visit and it's for a great cause, helping to rehabilitate orphaned elephants back into the wild. See the park by Safari and watch baby elephants at feeding time for a true wildlife experience"


Destination Executive

“The dry season, between May and October, sees animals congregating around the waterholes, which makes spotting animals like buffalo, spotted deer, wild boar, eagles, and even the elusive leopard, more likely."