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Tahiti Holidays

Tahiti holidays are synonymous with romance and honeymoons. Tahiti is the best known and largest of the Tahitian islands, and is well known for its vibrant blue lagoon, unspoilt beaches, wildlife and majestic mountainous scenery.

Separated into two main areas - Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti – a holiday on the island of Tahiti offers arts, markets and a diverse array of activities, which can be explored with our Tahiti tour packages. 

The capital, Papeete, is the hub of the island and offers shopping, museums and fine dining, perfect for culture lovers. It’s also well known for its lively markets. Pop into the much loved Black Pearl Museum or Paul Gaugin Museum for some history and impressive artwork. At Le Marché, the buzzing central market is full of colour and a great place to buy vanilla beans, fashion items and jewellery, including the famous black pearls. When you’ve finished shopping, drop into a waterfront cafe for a refreshing beverage with a view.

Tahiti holidays: an escape to paradise

Guided hiking trails through Tahiti’s waterfalls are a fantastic way to get to know the island. There are three extinct volcanoes to visit in the northwest, as well as freshwater pools perfect for a swim and verdant, tropical vegetation. Mount Orohena is the highest mountain in the Islands of Tahiti and is well worth exploring. Spend some time relaxing on the east coast beaches, which are famous for their black sands. Contrast this with a day on Venus Beach, which is on the west coast and offers dazzling white sands. For an intimate viewing of giant turtles, tiger sharks, dolphins and more, book a scuba diving or snorkelling trip.

Why not opt for a multicentre holiday and pair your Tahiti holiday package with a cruise to some nearby islands, or choose a smaller boat to view the coral reefs, palm trees and quieter nooks?


Destination Highlights
  • Discover art, culture and fine dining at Papeete’s Le Marché, as well as museums and a waterfront promenade
  • Uncover remote hiking trails to w Tahiti’s three extinct volcanoes, impressive Mount Orohena, stunning lagoons and imposing waterfalls
  • Compare the island’s east coast black sand beaches with the west coast’s white sand beaches, including the quieter Venus beach.
  • Learn about Tahiti’s history at the Black Pearl Museum, Paul Gauguin Museum and Le Musée de Tahiti et des Îles
  • Charlie, Destination Manager


    Destination Manager

    “Papeete is full of excellent sights and attractions. In the evening I highly recommend heading to Vai’ete Square. At sunset, the waterfront promenade is full of gourmet food trucks serving up delicious meals to locals.”


  • Lucy, Destination Specialist


    Destination Specialist

    “Tahiti is full of spectacular trekking trails. You’ll wander through luscious rainforests before reaching glorious waterfalls. Swim in the rockpools at the bottom to cool off after a long hike. The most famous falls are the Three Waterfalls (or Les Trois Cascades), which are located in northeast Tahiti Nui.”