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Visit historic plantations

South Carolina is known for its historic plantations that are dotted across the region, each offering a glimpse into traditional culture and heritage.

Middleton Place

Explore the oldest plantation gardens in the USA at Middleton Place. Designed in 1741, 100 slaves once worked on this land, digging and terracing it to make precise geometric canals for its owner, wealthy South Carolina politician Henry Middleton. Venture through the bewitching grounds, a mix of romantic woodland and classically formaly French gardens, bounded by fields full of rare breed farm animals and real flood rice paddies.Hop on a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy a traditonal Lowcountry plantation lunch of crab soup and pole beans at the estate's Inn Café. We also recommend taking a detour to gaze through the eco-friendly modern glass boxes that overlook the Ashley River.

Magnolia Plantation

Owned by the Drayton family since 1676, the 500-acre Magnolia Plantation isn't just enjoyable for history buffs but for those who love a theme park too. Complete with a tram tour of the estate's flora and fauna, romantic boat tours, swmap gardens, a zoo and nature centre, there's definitely something for everyone. Enjoy a guided house tour before settling in to the Peacock Café that is set in beautiful gardens. We recommend sauntering around the colourful and inspiring gardens before stepping back in time to visit the reconstructed cabins of the slaves who once worked on the indigo, cotton, corn and sugarcane plantations.