Victoria Market, Mahe, Seychelles



Visit one of the smallest capital cities in the world

Victoria is the tiny characteristic capital of the Seychelles and is well worth a visit during your visit to Mahé island in the Seychelles. Traditional boutique shops, colourful markets and Victorian history are displayed perfectly in Seychelles' capital city. 

One of the smallest capital cities in the world, Victoria can be explored in a two-hour walk. You can't miss Victoria's clock tower modelled after the Vauxhall Clock Tower in London, staying relatively untouched and the focal point of the city for over 100 years and affectionately known as 'Little Big Ben'. Wander through the streets now lined with government buildings, boutique shops and coffee shops, traditional colourful Creole style buildings remain, contrasting against new. Experience true Seychellois life at the market right in the heart of Victoria. Selling fresh produce from the catch of the day, fruits, vegetables and spices, there are even some selling souvenirs and clothes. The market is open daily and a great place to interract and learn about some of the great traditional recipes. 

Just another short walk along the street and you'll be amazed by the onlu Hindu temple in country. Intricately carved and mutli-coloured, take a snap from the other side of the street as its perfectly framed by the timbling bougainvillea from the surrounding balconies. If you wish to enter he temple morning and evening visits are best. 

We also recommend paying the Victoria National Museum of History a visit as well as the Victoria Botanical Gardens.



Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Manager

"If you're able to visit on a Saturday morning the city comes alive as everyone migrates to buy their essentials, haggle in the markets and meet with friends. The atmosphere is incredible. Just be warned the roads are busy, so it may take a little longer to get in and out of the city".