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Island Hopping around the Seychelles

Explore different islands to discover more of the Seychelles

For an island escape bursting with idyllic scenery and beautiful beaches, the Seychelles is the picture-perfect answer. With more than 16 islands, the three main spots are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, and each offers their own character, geography and history.

Mahé is the largest and most developed island, offering tropical, picturesque bays caressed by topaz waters. Praslin also offers devastatingly beautiful vistas as well as tangled jungles and curving mountains that drop gracefully into silky sand beaches and crystal clear waters. La Digue even less populated than its bigger brothers steps further back in time where cars don't clutter the roads and the chosen mode of transport is a bicycle, to glide around the private coves and green centre. 

From Mahé, you can jump on a plane for a short ride over to Denis Private Island, an exclusive resort without internet or mobile connection. With just a colony of giant tortoises to keep you company, it's secluded luxury at its best, or why not hop on a short speedboat from Praslin and you can be resting on the exclusive island of Félicitié home to the heavenly Six Senses Zil Pasyon.

Don't limit yourself to just one island: explore at least two to truly soak up the Seychelles spirit and enjoy even more paradise in one trip.

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Destination Manager

"Every island holds a different experience, from the city life on Mahé to the laid back slow paced La Digue. We'd recommend a minimum of three nights of each if time allows".