• an island in the middle of a body of water

Ethiopia and Seychelles Multi Centre Holiday

Our Ethiopia and Seychelles multi-centre perfectly blends a fascinating culture with a relaxed break on the beach. Holidays in Ethiopia transport you to a mystical land of legend and prehistoric tales. Discover ancient runes and Camelot-style towns; trek up the steepest cliffs of East Africa and when you’ve finished, fly over to the glistening islands of Seychelles.

In the horn of Africa, the only country in the continent to have escaped European Colonialism stands tall and proud: Ethiopia. This underrated holiday destination is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the 8th Wonder of the World. Ethiopia is a country of ancient history, an alphabet that began in the fourth century AD and the oldest recorded people in the world. Discover all that this fascinating country has to offer, then bring your adventure to a slow end with a luxury retreat in the stunning Seychelles Islands.

A holiday in Ethiopia is bound to surprise. Ideas of dry and dusty landscapes will soon be replaced with Tolkienesque towns and 17th century castles. Wander through turreted stone buildings and enchanting forests in the ‘Camelot of Africa’ in Gondar, once the home of Ethiopian emperors. Frescoes and original paintings that span 1,000 years fill the town along with ancient relics and old Christian scriptures.

Just three hours away from the mystical world of Ethiopia sits a glistening island where few travel. The island of Seychelles is a real-life Eden and these mostly uninhabited islands are fondly considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Just off the coast of East Africa, discover the immaculate sparkling white sands, warm turquoise waters and majestic seascapes.

10 days
Best time to go
April to October
Start your journey
Denis Private Island, Seychelles

Trip highlights

  • Wander through turreted walls and stone castles in the 12th century Gondar
  • Swim with the ‘resident male turtle’ in Praslin Island in the Seychelles
  • Share some of the finest coffee in the world with locals during traditional ceremonies
  • Taste delicious, fresh Creole cuisine in the Seychelles

Ethiopia - a country of mystery. Discover a mystical world of prehistoric lore and legends - the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant still whispered between villages. Holidays in Ethiopia invite you into an esoteric world of 1,500 year old caves, sandstone walls and narrow cliffs. Find some of the most striking mountain scenery here, like the majestic Mount Simian. Trekking is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

While Ethiopia is a land rich with a mighty prehistoric identity, it’s the soulful warmth of the people that bring visitors back to this old land. At least three times a day, locals gather together for the beloved traditional coffee ceremony. From picking to roasting the beans, it’s an essential part of social and cultural life. Receiving an invite is a sign of friendship or respect and, as it can often take hours, you’re bound to leave with a friend or two.

an island in the middle of a body of water

Home to the smallest capital in the world, the Seychelles Islands offer pure tropical bliss. The country’s made up of 115 islands, each more mesmerising than the last. Put your feet up, relax in a hammock and soak up the sun among crystal clear blue waters and lush green pine trees.

Snorkelling and diving are particularly common here. On the secluded Praslin Island, you can dive in and discover urchins, as well as swimming beside the ‘resident male turtle’. In the untouched Curieuse Island, snorkelling transports you to a world of dolphins, parrotfish and turtles. You’ll also find one of the largest tortoises in the world, the Aldabra tortoise, roaming free on the islands.

Foodies will love the fresh cuisine in Seychelles. A fusion of European, Asian and Creole flavours inspire the variety of cuisines here. Think local grilled octopus, crab and lobster dishes infused with lemon juice; and salted fish with spicy rice and aubergine and lentils cooked in ginger.