Savannah's Historic District

Set in the heart of Savannah and characterised by cobblestone streets, beautiful, manicured gardens and giant oak trees dripping in Spanish moss, the Historic District is Savannah’s cultural beauty. This is the USA's largest historic landmark district and it shows with something for everybody: art, culture, festivals and live theatre. More than twenty city squares are filled with historic artefacts and notable monuments, ranging from museums to mansions to famous forts from the Revolutionary and Civil War eras. A district for all ages, this is one of the most authentic places to experience true Southern hospitality. We recommend a trip to the city’s old open marketplace, featuring a variety of talented artists and crafters. With many of their masterpieces for sale, you’re bound to pick up a souvenir here, then savour a coffee in one of the many enticing cafes.

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is in the heart of Savannah's historic district with its fragrant gardens, fountains and cafés; making for the perfect relaxing afternoon. The park is also home to one of Georgia's most iconic monuments: the Confederate Monument. A large ornate statue with a bronze figure of a soldier on top, the monument is dedicated to all men who fought in the American Civil War. If you happen to visit over St Patricks’s Day, the fountain is dyed green. The park covers thirty acres of land and is a social hub for locals and tourists alike, with concerts, sports, people-watching and sun bathing aplenty. The park is ringed with quaint bed and breakfasts, dotted with Confederate, Spanish-American war memorials and an old fort. We recommend taking a Saturday to visit the Farmer’s Market in the morning, then walking around the park's one-mile perimeter and spotting the restored historic homes.

River Street

his popular cobblestone street winds along the south bank of the vast Savannah River and is connected to the beautiful Historic District. A well-known cultural gem, it sits on a bluff overlooking the river. This glittering gem is dotted with restored 19th century cotton warehouses that have been converted into antique shops, elegant hotels, charming boutiques, impressive art galleries, quaint pubs, inviting restaurants and a distinctive nightlife. We recommend taking a leisurely afternoon walk along it and watching the ships from around the world sail into one of America’s busiest ports. Failing that, you can always take a romantic cruise on the river that, arguably, established Savannah.