• Sapa


Sa Pa

With its beautiful alpine scenery, terraced rice-paddies and hill tribe villages, Sapa is as authentically Vietnamese as a bowl of steaming pho yet far more beautiful.

Surrounded by the lofty mountains of the Tonkinese Alps, life seems untouched by passing years in remote villages and scalloped rice terraces that mark the land like scales on a fish. Today, Sapa is Vietnam's tourism capital and offers spectacular views over the valley with towering mountains either side, as well as being home to the local hill-tribe people that sets this part of the country apart from the rest of the world.

Sapa can be accessed either by train or bus with sleeper options available to make the slightly lengthy journey that bit more durable. Tour the winding Sapa roads and soak up the sights before visiting Sapa Market or the bustling Sapa Square to mingle with the locals.