Salvador de Bahia


Salvador's Old Town

The steep, narrow, cobbled streets of Salvador's Old Town are reminiscent of New Orleans' French Quarter. Explore the colonial architecture, museums, bars, and 34 beautiful colonial-style churches. Wind your way past pastel-coloured houses adorned with quintessential Portuguese tiles shops. Stop at a restaurant to sample Bahian specialty dishes and listen to the sounds of the music floating down the streets. Make sure to take to the streets for any of the nightly street parties to capture the allure of this vibrant city.

The influence of centuries of slavery is readily apparent throughout Salvador. This rich heritage is evident from the colour of the inhabitants' skin to the colour of the food (a deep orange from the use of red palm oil), the African religious traditions to the axé and samba music. The Museu Afro-Brasileiro in the Tereiro de Jesus gives a good insight into the local culture that has developed since the African slaves were brought into Brazil.