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Rodrigues Island – Things to do

Rodrigues Island Attractions

Rodrigues is a beautifully unique island enriched with decades of traditional culture and charming locals. With a vast and spectacular landscape, many experiences and chances to explore await you. Head to the highest point of Rodrigues – Mont Limon. Standing 400 meters above sea level, it’s located in the heart of the island and easily accessible via hiking trails. Walk to the peak and discover unimaginable 360 degree panoramic views of the beautiful island. With glorious turquoise lagoons and an abundance of colourful marine life, this is Rodrigues’ best snorkelling and diving spots throughout the island. Visit the hidden treasure of Trou d’Argent Beach, nestled within a narrow cove. Attributing a peaceful atmosphere, an untouched nature, and a stunning sandy shoreline, this beach offers just the right conditions for many water sport activities including kite surfing and wind surfing. Catch the perfect waves with crossing trade winds and large lagoons. With an array of exploration and experiences to discover, head to Rodrigues Island for a fun filled adventure.