Reunion's wonderful wildlife

From spectacular marine life to an array of rare bird watching

Reunion Island is a wildlife-lovers paradise. From under-the-sea wonderlands to jungle havens, you'll have the opportunity to see a huge array of fantastic wildlife during your trip. Reunion Island is as stunning beneath the water's surface as it is above, with the ocean playing home to a variety of beautiful sea life and the coast hosts an abundance of Whale and Dolphin spotting opportunities.  

If you decide to enjoy some diving during your trip, keep your eyes peeled for the likes of turtles, dolphins and even humpback whales. If you're staying a little closer to shore, you're still guaranteed a feast for the eyes with bright coral, tropical fish and rays galore. Wander the forests and coastal paths of Reunion Island and you're likely to spot some of the region's animal life, including deer, rabbit, lemur and bats. If you're a keen birdwatcher,  then you are definitely in for a treat as Reunion Island is renowned for its array of bird life. You'll have the chance to spot everything from the swiftlet and zebra dove, to the Reunion stonechat and white-tailed tropicbird. Just be sure to pack your binoculars. 

Top Tips from our Experts


Destination Manager

"The best time of year to spot the magnificent humpback whales on Reunion Island is during the island winter months. June to October hosts incredible views from the west coast running all the way up to the north where Saint Denis is located".