• Market produce, Reunion Island


Reunion Island Cuisine


With such a variety of cultures to draw from, your taste buds will be spoilt for choice. You will often find Chinese pastries, Indian samosas and French croissants all sold under one roof.

Historically the most important crops were coffee, cloves and sugar, but these have since expanded to include rum, handicrafts and flower oil extraction.

La cuisine Creole!

Carri is a Creole dish of Indian spices made with garlic, onions and tomatoes and meat, fish, poultry or seafood. Carri is often served with rice or ‘jackfruit’.

Bouchon Reunionais

A typical Reunion Island dish of stuffed meatballs served with rice.

Bonbon piments

A speciality of Reunion made from broad beans.


Achard is thin strips of vegetables marinated in a spicy sauce called rougail, of which there are several varieties including tomato, aubergine and peanut. The volcanic soil of Reunion Island is also renowned for producing excellent varieties of lentils, often used in cooking on the island.

Gateau patate

A corn based, vanilla-spiced cake or snack usually enjoyed as a desert.


Brèdes are the edible leaves from plants such as chouchou, Chinese cabbage or other leafy greens. This nutrient-rich food and is served as a side dish with garlic, ginger and onions.



These steamed parcels are served with hot sauce or soy dipping sauce and are a popular appetiser, bar-food or street food snack, made with beef, pork, chicken or duck.  


Samosas are as popular on Reunion as Chinese dumplings.

Exotic fruit

Lychees are always present during festivals. After lychees, longan fruits come into season. There are over fifty varieties of mango to be found on the island. The guanabana is also found here, plus the red-skinned pitaya. Other vegetables include the christophine, and ‘palmiste’ which is the edible heart of a small variety of palm tree.

Rum and the Reunionese

The local beer is affectionately called Dodo. In some communities flower-infused Charrette Rum is the drink of choice. Another is ‘rhum arrange’ – a spiced-fruit rum variety loved by locals and served in tumblers.

Bourbon Pointu coffee

Coffee connoisseurs will know all about Reunion Island, it is home to one of the most expensive Arabica varieties produced anywhere in the world (the name Bourbon Pointu is derived from the pointed shape of the beans). Reunion has only 60 farmers that are allowed to cultivate the plant to ‘Grand Cru’ (high) standards.