• Jeep Safari, Qatar


Qatar's wonderful wildlife

Desert life

While its climate is too hot to handle for many wildlife species, Qatar is still a fascinating place to explore nature and see desert-based wildlife in abundance.

One of the most common animals you’ll see is the Arabian Oryx, considered to be the most beautiful species of antelope with triangular horns and a beauty spot on its slender nose. As such, it has been adopted as the national symbol of Qatar and is best spotted at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, also home to an array of beautiful birds.

Another rare breed that resides in Qatar is the Ruppell’s Fox, perfectly adapted to living in the desert thanks to its soft padded feet and large ears that help the animal keep cool during excessive hot spells. If you’re venturing out to the desert, you’re also likely to see falcons glide majestically across the landscape.

Geckos, monitor lizards and snakes can be regularly seen in Qatar’s desert land, with the star of the show being the spiny-tailed agama who changes colour from grey to yellow as its body temperature heats up or cools down. Meanwhile, beneath Qatar’s waters, the Persian Gulf is home to plenty of marine life including shrimp, mackerel, groupers, swordfish and turtles.