Visit Cousin Island - The Seychelles

Sanctuary for bird life in the Seychelles

Accessible year round and only two kilometres east of Praslin sits Cousin Island, an island now protected as a nature reserve in the Seychelles.  Once a coconut plantation, conservation projects have restored this vibrant eco system back to life. This paradise for ornithologists, houses over 300,000 birds making their homes here. Five breeds endmic to the Seychelles reside here including the magpie robin, fody, sunbird, blue pigeon and the warbler.  Endless land, sea and shore birds come to nest and a warm welcome to every visitor as you step foot on the island by the Giant Aldabra tourtoise isn't uncommon. Very lucky visitors may see hawksbill turtles nesting on the islands beaches during season.


Essential Information

  • Useful Information:  There are no restaurants, shops or litter bins on the island to prevent unnecessary waste. Picnics are also prohibited. Only Cousin Island boats may reach shore in order to protect the surrounding coral and sea life.

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Destination Specialist

"Cousin Island was the worlds first sea and island reserve, changing its history in 1969. To help preserve and maintain the conservation efforts an optional donation can be left, along with any visitor fees helping to manage and sustain the island along with research projects and protection of the wildlife on the island. It makes a perfect day trip when staying on nearby Praslin".